Big Brother! Joe Biden Warns Americans About Thanksgiving: ‘… Maximum 10 People’, CNSNews

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November 16, 2020
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By Staff, CNSNews, November 16, 2020

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden made a press appearance today where he warned Americans about getting together with too many family members to celebrate Thanksgiving.

A reporter asked Biden: “What is your message to people who are considering, for example, getting together with their families and others for Thanksgiving? Would you consider, would you urge people to reconsider their plans?”

“Well, here’s what I’d do,” Biden said. “Let me tell you what health experts have said to me, and it’s not because I’m unique as president-elect, it’s because of my family: They strongly urge that if in fact we’re going to have Thanksgiving with anyone, that we limit it to a maximum—maximum–they suggest five people, maximum 10 people, socially distanced, wearing masks, and people who have quarantined.”

Biden said that he and his wife Jill that morning had discussed which family members we would not allow to come to Thanksgiving.  …

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