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July 19, 2021
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Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

By Katherine Dee, The American Mind, July 12, 2021

The tide may be turning against hormonal intervention into women’s reproduction.

“The pill is prescribed carelessly and taken thoughtlessly.”

—Holly Grigg-Spall, Sweetening the Pill

It seems as though every few years, we experience a new wave of skepticism about hormonal birth control—not from the religious Right, but from feminists.

The first and maybe most pivotal example of this was back in 1970. Barbara Seaman’s book, The Doctor’s Case Against the Pill (1969), exposed serious and unpublicized side effects of ingesting high doses of artificial hormones. These included: blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, loss of libido, and clinical depression. To name just a few. The millions of women being prescribed the Pill were never so much as warned about these risks. …

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