Bishop Calls LGBT Indoctrination of Kids ‘Child Abuse’: ‘We Must Stop This Insanity’, by Martin M. Barillas

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November 14, 2019
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November 14, 2019

By Martin M. Barillas, LifeSiteNews, Nov. 13, 2019

TYLER, Texas, November 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic bishop of the United States denounced as “child abuse” the “insane and evil” transgender message given to children in schools that was recently highlighted in a video circulating on social media.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, expressed disgust over a video that featured two LGBT activists telling a classroom of school kids that boys can become girls and girls can become boys and one’s “identity” can change over time.

The LGBT activists told the children that “genitals actually don’t determine our gender,” and that “some people born with vulvas can be boys,” and that “people can also be fluid, feel more like female or male based on a different day or time.”

Bishop Strickland tweeted that the LGBT lesson promotes an “insane and evil message” that is destroying the lives of “innocent children.”  ….

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