Bishop Calls Men to Battle, by Bradley Eli

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July 16, 2020
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By Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th., Church Militant, July 15, 2020

Masculinity is key

PHOENIX ( – An Arizona prelate is renewing his call for men to rise up against the current crisis decimating society, which lays squarely at the feet of failed manhood.

The diocese of Phoenix, under Bp. Thomas Olmstead, rereleased on Thursday its 2016 mini-documentary, A Call to Battle. Those involved in the project see the attacks on society being be solved by men who accept their spiritual identity as defenders of the defenseless.

“Never in the history of humanity has there been so many wives without husbands and children without dads, all because of broken masculinity,” notes one priest in the production.

And this failure of modern man to fulfill his role as a Christian leader and spiritual defender is not only affecting his family but is also destroying his society, according to the documentary.

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Olmstead, bishop of Phoenix since 2003, has been lighting a fire under men for several years. In October 2015, he released an exhortation aimed at men titled “Into the Breach.” In it, he calls men to be men and sacrifice themselves in defense of the weak:

I begin this letter with a clarion call and clear charge to you, my sons and brothers in Christ: Men, do not hesitate to engage in the battle that is raging around you, the battle that is wounding our children and families, the battle that is distorting the dignity of both women and men.  ….

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