Bishop Joseph E. Strickland: Reflection on Christ the King and St. Joseph

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November 17, 2021
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November 17, 2021

By Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, Catholic East Texas, Nov. 16, 2021

As you know, the last Sunday of the liturgical year is the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe. This beautiful feast reminds us that Jesus Christ is King not just for one liturgical celebration each year but every day of our lives. We are living through challenging times, but let us all be strengthened by our faith and our foundation on the truth of who truly is the King of the Universe. The image of Christ the King of the Universe reminds us of the basic reality of creation. As the Gospel according to John tells us, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This is the basic proclamation that Jesus Christ, God’s Divine Son, is King of all.  As disciples, we are called to live and be guided by this basic truth every day of our lives. …