Bishop Rebukes Bishop, by Joseph Enders  

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May 22, 2021
More US Bishops Publicly Out Themselves As Pro-LGBT, by Pete Baklinski
May 22, 2021

By Joseph Enders, Church Militant, May 21, 2021

Pro-abort politicians are unworthy

GALLUP, N.M. ( – A New Mexico prelate is protecting brother bishops who believe pro-abortion Catholic politicians should be denied Holy Communion.

In an article for First Things on Tuesday, Bp. James Wall of the diocese of Gallup rebuked San Diego bishop Robert McElroy — ripping his essay that argued pro-life bishops are politically motivated and weaponizing the Eucharist.

Bishop Wall wrote:

But while I don’t presume to know what’s in the mind and heart of my brother bishops, I am not motivated by political ends, nor are those with whom I have discussed the subject. Our concern is not political but pastoral; it is for the salvation of souls. This issue has political ramifications, but that is not an excuse to shy away at this crucial moment. …

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