Bishop Strickland Echoes Priest: ‘You Cannot Be Catholic and Be a Democrat’, by Martin Bürger

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September 9, 2020
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Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas.Catholic Answers / YouTube

‘My shame is that it has taken me so long,’ the Bishop of Tyler said.

By Martin Bürger, LifeSiteNews, Sept. 8, 2020

Martin BürgerTYLER, Texas, September 8, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Bishop Joseph Strickland on Saturday endorsed a video by Fr. James Altman in which he argued no Catholic could vote for the Democrat Party in the upcoming election.

“As the Bishop of Tyler I endorse Fr. Altman’s statement in this video,” the bishop wrote on Twitter. “My shame is that it has taken me so long. Thank you Fr Altman for your COURAGE. If you love Jesus & His Church & this nation…pleases (sic) HEED THIS MESSAGE.”

Fr. Altman, pastor of St. James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, had exclaimed in the video, first released at the end of July, “Here is a memo to clueless baptized Catholics: You can not be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period!”

“Their party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches,” he said. “So just quit pretending that you’re Catholic and vote Democrat.” He warned, “Repent of your support of that party and its platform or face the fires of hell.”  …

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