Bishop Tobin Attacked for Speaking a Plain Truth, by Anthony Esolen

Daily Reading & Meditation: Tuesday (June 4)
June 4, 2019
How to Make a Pro-Choice Journalist Think, by Rob Schwarzwalder
June 4, 2019

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine, June 4, 2019

Anthony EsolenA few days ago, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence sent out a message that within living memory absolutely no mother or father, liberal or conservative, Christian or Jewish or secular, old or young, would have considered to be controversial. He said, gently, that it was not good for parents to take their children to a so-called “Pride” parade. For anyone who has been bowling with dwarfs along the Hudson for twenty years, these are parades to celebrate sexual perversion. Inevitably there will be some men marching in jockstraps, simulating sodomy, and barely clad women bidding defiance to “the patriarchy,” which they thereby imply is coextensive with ordinary human nature.

I do not know what there is to be proud of, even in the non-theological sense of the word. Should we go to a parade for pay-day lenders who ruin their borrowers? A parade of men and women carrying chainsaws, to honor their having sawed their families in two? Festal politicians, lying to all and some? Fornicators, male and female, half naked, and crying out, “We’ll get married when we damned well want to”? Blasphemers with bullhorns? Brothers and sisters who hate one another, sneering? For what other sin or temptation to sin do we throw a party? Shall everyone dress in green in honor of the goddess Invidia, looking askance at the world? Or be carried along on floats in various shades of gray, half of the paraders muttering, “I’m too busy to give a damn,” the other half, “I don’t give a damn to be busy”?….Read entire article…