Bishops’ Focus on Communion Crisis Highlights Bigger Issue, Theologians Say, by Carol Zimmermann

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November 15, 2021
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November 15, 2021

By Carol Zimmermann, Catholic News Agency,  November 14, 2021

Contributing to this report was Chaz Muth.

WASHINGTON (CNS) — When the U.S. bishops highlighted Communion in their spring meeting, announcing their plans for both a document on the Eucharist and a three-year eucharistic revival, they emphasized that they were responding to a lack of understanding among many Catholics about something that is central to the faith.

In other words, they wanted to respond to what they saw as a catechetical crisis.

And their discussion at the time, particularly over their proposed document — to be presented this November — garnered a lot of attention for its projected look at eucharistic coherence.

That very term, likely unfamiliar to many Catholics prior to this discussion, means that those who receive Communion, and particularly those in public office, need to be in communion with what the church teaches and not be facilitating or promoting what the church considers grave moral issues. …

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