Black Americans for Trump, by Christopher Gage 

What the Next President Faces, by Patrick J. Buchanan
October 30, 2020
Fr. Richard D. Breton, Jr.: A Beacon Of Light… Three Moral Imperatives In Voting
October 30, 2020


If around 30 percent of black Americans vote for President Trump, black America will not only rewrite the next political chapter but rewrite the entire political book.

Will black Americans not only reelect President Trump, but also write a new chapter of American political history?

Yes, that’s quite a question—one of cosmos-bending proportions. And so are the figures undergirding that statement.

According to Rasmussen, black Americans plan to vote for President Trump in larger numbers than in 2016. That’s not surprising.

Yet, we are not talking just a point or two adding to that year’s eight percent total, but a whopping 31 percent.

On Thursday, Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll found 31 percent of black likely voters plan to vote for Donald Trump.

That number must be an anomaly, right? A typo?  …

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