Black Woman Slams Black Lives Matter for Supporting Abortion: “They Don’t Care About Black Lives”, by Micaiah Bilger

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August 6, 2020
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August 6, 2020

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, Aug. 5, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – Bevelyn Beatty thinks the Black Lives Matter movement is lying to the black community.

A Christian and black pro-life advocate, Beatty told CBN News this week that she has been fighting back against the movement’s political narrative and promoting the truth of Jesus Christ.

Beatty is one of two pro-life advocates who was arrested May 30 on the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Manhattan. Beatty and Edmee Chavannes were sidewalk counseling when they were accused of violating city social distancing guidelines due to the coronavirus.

Later, Beatty was arrested again for trying to paint over a Black Lives Matter mural in Manhattan, according to the report. …

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