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Viganò vs. the Vatican: The Uncensored Testimony of the Italian Journalist Who Helped Break the Story
Marco Tosatti
Sophia Institute Press
144 pages
$14.95 paperback, $9.95 e-book

August 26 marks the one-year anniversary of the explosive publication of the testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. It is a good moment to take stock of all that has happened — and has not happened — since the historic morning when Viganò’s detailed document appeared implicating numerous bishops and Pope Francis himself in the decades-long cover-up of the crimes of Theodore McCarrick. Veteran Italian journalist Marco Tosatti, one of the journalists whom Viganò consulted as he underwent his own personal crisis of conscience in the summer of 2018, has compiled a compendium of all of the primary documents in the ongoing “Viganò affair” interspersed with his own astute observations on the matter.

Viganò vs. the Vatican opens with Tosatti’s account of how, in July 2018, Archbishop Viganò called him and asked to do an interview with him. Tosatti recounts three personal meetings with Viganò, in which the archbishop struggled with knowing exactly how and when to reveal what he knew about the extensive network of cover-up and corruption that is the Catholic episcopacy. The release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report on August 14, 2018 led Tosatti to counsel Viganò that “perhaps this is the right moment” to publish the interview. When the two met on August 22, Viganò had decided to write a long “testimony” rather than give a Q&A interview. Tosatti helped Viganò with making the appropriate media contacts, and it was agreed that the testimony would be published on Sunday morning, August 26, at 7 A.M. in Rome. ….