Books And Music To Help You Find ‘Piece’ Of Mind, by Trent Beattie

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By Trent Beattie, Catholic Digest, March 23, 2020

Trent Beattie is a National Catholic Register correspondent and writes from Seattle.

Have you ever been so distracted or stressed out that you were looking to find, not complete serenity, but a mere semblance of it? While total peace of mind may have been out of the question, finding a “piece” of mind was a possibility. It is in that modest spirit characteristic of Lent that the following list of books and one album are offered for incremental improvement.

Way of the Holy Cross

by St. Alphonsus Liguori

At first glance, it might seem like praying the Stations of the Cross would bring about more distress rather than relieve it. After all, wouldn’t meditating on an innocent person suffering because of our sins only increase our guilt? The paradoxical reply comes from St. Augustine, who said: “There is something in humility that strangely exalts the heart.”

When we’re humble enough to admit we have done wrong and would like to make amends, peace of mind follows. In the Stations, we see how intensely God desires our salvation, as does Mary, the Mother of God, who was present at the cross and is known as the Mother of Our Savior and Refuge of Sinners. It is fitting, then, that Way of the Holy Cross is available from a company called Mother of Our Savior and Refuge of Sinners Publishing.

Pardon and Peace

by Fr. Alfred Wilson, CP

Misconceptions about confession are dispelled in this cathartic classic, enabling the reader to obtain clarity of purpose and lightness of heart in his sacramental pursuit. Confession is not meant to be an onerous endeavor, but a humble, simple, and powerful one. One piece of advice from the author: “be blunt; be brief; be gone.” If you think you know everything about confession, this work from Roman Catholic Books (not Ignatius Press, which publishes another Pardon and Peace by a different author) will probably offer many surprises.

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