BREAKING: Texas Federal Judge Issues Ruling in Crucial Abortion Pill Case, by Zelda Caldwell

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April 8, 2023
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April 8, 2023

‘The FDA never had the authority to approve these hazardous drugs and remove important safeguards…’

By Zelda Caldwell, CNA, April 7, 2023

A federal judge in Texas issued a much anticipated ruling Friday that, if it holds up in court, could take the abortion drug mifepristone off pharmacy shelves due to safety concerns and in doing so, prevent over half of the abortions that take place in the country.

U.S. Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s preliminary ruling found that the Federal Drug  Administration (FDA) did not follow proper testing and safety protocols when it approved the abortion drug in 2000. The judge allowed the FDA seven days to appeal his decision, which means the drug will still be available for the time being. …

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