California Bishop Reaffirms Real Presence, Calls for Summer 2020 Eucharistic Congress, by Martina Moyski

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February 13, 2020
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By Martina Moyski, Church Militant, February 12, 2020

Oakland Bp. Michael Barber calls for summer 2020 Eucharistic congress

OAKLAND, Calif. ( – The bishop of the Oakland diocese is dismayed at the results of a poll finding almost 70% of Catholics are ignorant of Church teaching on the Holy Eucharist — and is fighting back.

“As bishop of the diocese of Oakland, I find this shocking,” Bp. Michael Barber, S.J., wrote in a letter to the faithful.

As part of the bishop’s response to the findings, he has called for a diocesan-wide Eucharistic Congress on June 19–20 at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California.

The theme of the congress is “Stay with us, Lord,” from Luke 24:29: “But they constrained Him, saying: Stay with us, because it is towards evening, and the day is now far spent. And He went in with them.”

Bishop Barber explains that the theme calls the faithful “to reflect upon the centrality of the Eucharist in our lives, and to reaffirm our call to be a people nourished, fed and molded by the Eucharist itself — just as the disciples were on the road to Emmaus.”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is unambiguous on the Real Presence and quotes the 16th century Council of Trent: “In the most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist ‘the Body and Blood, together with the Soul and Divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ and, therefore, the whole Christ is truly, really and substantially contained'” (paragraph 1374). …

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