Call Continues to Exit Public Education, Opt for Alternatives, by Bob Kellogg, Jody Brown

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April 22, 2021
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April 22, 2021

By Bob Kellogg, Jody Brown, OneNewsNow, April 21, 2021

A cultural analyst is re-emphasizing a call that Christian parents should remove their children from public schools, arguing that leftists within the education system are indoctrinating children with a corrupt ideology.

It’s been more than three decades since Christian author and psychologist Dr. James Dobson issued a warning to parents to pull their children from America’s public schools and opt to either homeschool or enroll those children in Christian schools. Dobson, the founder of two pro-family ministries – Focus on the Family and Family Talk – reiterated that call four years ago, maintaining that youngsters in public education were being “propagandized and given a philosophy that, in many cases, is contrary to Scripture and what we believe.” …