Can We Reboot the Environmental Movement — So It Protects Freedom, Too? by W. Aaron Vandiver

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May 12, 2023
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May 12, 2023

In a deeply divided country, there are yet signs that a new Left-Right coalition can come together to take on the big global corporations that have captured government at the expense of ordinary people’s freedoms and the health of the planet.

By W. Aaron Vandiver, Children’s Health Defense, May 11, 2023

W. Aaron Vandiver's avatarPolls consistently show that the American people, and people around the world, are deeply divided on the biggest issues of the day: COVID-19, climate change and more.

Backlash against the COVID-19 fiasco of the last three years is building among a public that is slowly waking up to the unprecedented power grab and wealth transfer that took place under cover of a pandemic.

The environmental left is deeply worried about climate change, but the backlash against climate policy also is building.

People across the political spectrum are concerned about a top-down, authoritarian response to climate change using the COVID-19 response as the blueprint. …