Cardinal Burke: No Catholic Can Justify Policies That Promote Abortion and Biden Consistently Does, by Michael W. Chapman

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By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, January 27, 2020

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, an American and a judge at the Vatican’s highest court, said that no “devout Catholic” can support abortion or vote for pro-abortion legislation, and stressed that presidential contender Joe Biden “has a consistent record of being pro-abortion.”

During FNC’s The Story With Martha MacCallum, prior to Friday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C., MacCallum asked the cardinal, “You’ve spoken out about Joe Biden, whose running for the Democratic nomination, Catholic, that he shouldn’t receive Communion because he is pro-choice, and has said that privately he believes that abortion is wrong but that he stands by Roe v. Wade. What do you say about that decision?”

Cardinal Burke replied, “Well, no devout Catholic, no practicing Catholic can be in favor of abortion, can justify voting for legislation policies that promote abortion, and he has a consistent record of being pro-abortion.”

“And it’s not that he — this isn’t a question of a confessional belief,” said Burke. “This has to do with the natural law. The first precept of natural law is the defense of human life.”

Burke continued, “And so, you can’t say why privately I think it’s wrong — imagining he means by that as a Catholic he thinks it’s wrong — but then in his public life that he can act as if it’s not morally evil.”

“It’s one of the greatest moral evils,” said the cardinal.

Martha MacCallum also asked Cardinal Burke what he thought about President Donald Trump participating in the March for Life.  …..

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