Cardinal Crackdown, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

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February 7, 2022
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February 7, 2022

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant, February 4, 2022

CCP targets Hong Kong prelate



One of China’s two living cardinals is the target of a communist smear campaign. In the past several years, the Chinese Communist Party has been chipping away at Hong Kong’s autonomy, suppressing the region’s legislature and judiciary, plus its freedoms of speech, press and assembly. Church Militant’s William Mahoney looks at how the CCP now has its sights on Hong Kong’s religious freedom.

Since the British empire transferred Hong Kong to China in 1997, the autonomous region has been self-governed by the principle of “one country, two systems.” But CCP ambitions have surged under China’s president, Xi Jinping, driving mainland China to disregard this principle. …

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