Cardinal Cupich Reportedly ‘Leaning Hard’ on Bioethics Center to Retract Stance on COVID Vaccine Exemptions

THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION: South Dakota Bishops Do the Right Thing
August 12, 2021
Good as New, by Stephen P. White
August 12, 2021

The NCBC wrote in a July 2 statement that it “does not endorse mandated COVID-19 immunization” with any of the three approved vaccines, (photo: Unsplash).

The center’s statement added that the novelty of the coronavirus and its vaccines “leave several medical questions unanswered,” which can impede free and informed consent for some persons.

CHICAGO, Ill. — Amid disagreement among Catholic leaders over whether there is a moral obligation to receive a coronavirus vaccine, board members at the National Catholic Bioethics Center have told CNA that Blase Cardinal Cupich has urged that the center retract its guidance against mandated immunization.

One board member told CNA that Cardinal Cupich has been “leaning hard” on the bishops and some prominent lay board members, but did not elaborate on specific names.The NCBC board members spoke with CNA on the condition they not be identified by name.

The Archdiocese of Chicago did not respond to CNA’s request for comment. …

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