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February 28, 2020
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Cardinal Camillo Ruini in a Nov., 2016 interview.TG2000 / Youtube screen grab

Cardinal Camillo Ruini comments on the explosion of individual desires transformed into rights for all, and whether freedom can be so radical as to include the ‘right’ to abortion.

This article originally appeared at L’Espresso. It is published with permission from Sandro Magister.


February 27, 2020 (L’Espresso) — The explosion of individual desires transformed into rights for all is a matter of daily news, in the West and beyond. With no limits anymore. It affects birth and death, technology and the environment, politics and migration, in short, the very nature of man. But is it the triumph of freedom or dictatorship, at the expense of the weakest? And what then is the other freedom, the one that feeds on truth and cannot exist without it?

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, 89, a lifelong philosopher and pastor, discusses this with Gaetano Quagliariello, senator, professor of contemporary history at LUISS in Rome and president of the Magna Carta Foundation, in a lucid and impassioned book, on sale in Italy since February 20:

The following offers a taste of it. They are three passages in which Cardinal Ruini addresses the issue of voluntary abortion. At first as a matter of fact, then analyzing it in the light of reason alone, and finally with special attention to the teaching of the Church, culminating in the “infallible and irreformable” pronouncement of John Paul II in the encyclical “Evangelium Vitae,” an encyclical that “seems written today,” so much have its predictions come true, but which too many — the cardinal notes — seem to have set aside.  ….

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