Cardinal Müller: “Demanding Abortion As a Human Right is Unsurpassable in Its Cynicism”, by Lothar Christian Rilinger   

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April 11, 2022
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Card. Gerhard L. Müller in a video message to Christians, March 30, 2020.Edizioni Cantagalli / Facebook screen grab

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller in a major interview on atheistic-evolutionist conception of man and abortion.

By Lothar Christian Rilinger, Catholic World Report, April 9, 2022

Lothar Christian Rilinger is a retired specialist lawyer for labor law and a retired deputy member of the State Court of Lower Saxony.

Editor’s note: This essay was first published in German at on March 16th, and was translated into English, with the permission of the author, by Frank Nitsche-Robinson.


Vatican ( The Christian-humanistic conception of man is to be replaced by the atheistic-evolutionistic one. This conception of man represents a dualism according to which the body and the spirit are separate. The body is regarded as a thing, as a legal object, so that man becomes a legal subject only when he has spirit – only then does man become a legal subject who can dispose of rights, especially human rights.

This splitting of man into a legal object and a legal subject has consequences for the human right to life that must be seen as a paradigm shift in the view of a person’s life. …