Cardinal Pushing Paganism Curbs Latin Mass, by Jules Gomes

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December 28, 2021
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By Jules Gomes, Church Militant, December 28, 2021

Chicago’s traditionalist clergy boldly vow ‘to live more fully our charism’

Cupich “blessing” the lion in a pagan ceremony

CHICAGO ( – A top cardinal, one who presides over liturgical abuses and incorporates pagan elements from Taoism and Hinduism into the Holy Eucharist, is doubling down on attacking the Traditional Latin Mass in his Chicago archdiocese.

Cupich welcomes the lion during the sacred Liturgy

Cardinal Blase Cupich, who permits high-profile LGBT+ Masses, published a five-page policy two days after Christmas, prohibiting the celebration of the TLM on the first Sunday of every month, Christmas, the Triduum of Holy Week, Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday.

The prelate, who publicly opposed bishops seeking to withhold Holy Communion from pro-abortion President Joe Biden, has promulgated his own rules implementing Pope Francis’ motu proprio Traditionis Custodes — which threatens to snuff out the ancient Liturgy.

Cupich’s crackdown on the TLM compels all clergy in the archdiocese to make an official written request in order to obtain the archbishop’s permission to celebrate the Tridentine Mass, which must include “a statement of agreement” promising to abide by the new norms.

Priests wishing to celebrate the Old Rite of the Mass, even in private, have to obtain permission and “explicitly affirm” the “validity and legitimacy” of the liturgical reform and the Second Vatican Council. …

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