Cardinal Sarah Marshals the Church Militant, by Joseph Pearce

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November 12, 2019
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November 13, 2019

By Joseph Pearce, Crisis Magazine, November 12, 2019

Joseph PearceOne of the most encouraging developments in the Church in recent years has been the emergence of good, solid prelates from Africa. One thinks of Cardinal Arinze, whom many had thought might become the first African pope, and now there is the indomitable Robert Cardinal Sarah, whose forthright and courageous stance against much of the nonsense besetting the Church and the world has come as a breath of fresh and orthodox air amidst the choking fumes of modernity and modernism.

Cardinal Sarah’s latest book, The Day is Now Far Spent, the fruit of conversations with the author Nicolas Diat, is something of a rallying cry in troublous times, covering a panoramic panoply of topics, from globalism to the liturgy and all points in between. Nor does he pull his punches or mince his words. Take, for instance, these words from the very first page of the book:

As Saint Paul VI used to say, we are being invaded by the smoke of Satan. The Church, which ought to be a place of light, has become a dwelling place of darkness. It ought to be a secure, peaceful family home, but look: it has become a den of thieves! How can we tolerate the fact that predators have entered among us, into our ranks? ….