Cardinal Zen on China: ‘There is Nothing More to Do Other Than Prayer’, by Bree A. Dail

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October 3, 2020
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Cardinal Joseph Zen in St. Peter's Square. (photo: Courtesy photo / Cardinal Joseph Zen)

Cardinal Zen has criticized the lack of transparency over the Vatican’s handling of China.

By Bree A. Dail, National Catholic Register, October 2, 2020

Register correspondent Bree Dail writes from Rome… is a veteran Naval Surface Warfare Officer, and holds a Masters of Diplomacy from Norwich University and a BA from Christendom College. As an Internationally accredited journalist …  

Bree A. DailVATICAN CITY — Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun returned to Hong Kong from Rome Sunday, after  seeking a meeting with Pope Francis. The purpose for the trip, he told the Register, was primarily to advocate for the elevation and installation of a new bishop successor in a city facing ongoing protests and a strong-armed response from the Chinese Communist Party-backed regional government.

The 88-year old bishop emeritus of Hong Kong told the Register the visit is likely his last. “I do not believe I will return again,” he said. “My legs do not work so well, now, for these long trips.”

Hong Kong has been without a bishop since the death of Bishop Yeung Ming-cheung in early 2019. In the interim, Cardinal John Tong Hong has overseen the diocese, to include representing the Vatican engaging the regional government . The city has faced increasing tension since 2019, after the regional government proposed a bill that permitted extradition of “fugitive criminals.”  …