Catechesis on the Demonic: ‘The Exorcist Files’ Podcast Tops the Charts, by Joseph Pronechen 

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Father Carlos Martins hosts ‘The Exorcist Files.’ (photo: Courtesy of iHeart Media and Father Carlos Martins )

New series unpacks the dangers of the devil — and the victory of Christ over evil.

By Joseph Pronechen, EWTN News, February 15, 2023

Joseph PronechenFather Carlos Martins of the Companions of the Cross well knows the power of the prayer. For years, he has been the director of the Treasures of the Church ministry that evangelizes by bringing the relics of upwards of 150 saints to churches throughout the United States, plus Canada and a few other countries, for prayerful veneration. Officially, he is a custos reliquiarum (ecclesiastically appointed curate of relics).

Father Martins is also an official exorcist on two continents. As such, seeing and knowing the great needs in today’s morally and spiritually deteriorating culture, he has launched The Exorcist Files podcast. He shared with Register staff writer Joseph Pronechen the reasons for and the details of the show which premiered on iHeart in January.

How did this podcast come about?

Due to the ever-increasing de-Christianization of Western society, the rise in occult practices even among Christians, and the poor state of Christian religious formation, the need for deliverance and exorcism ministry has increased dramatically. Since I have worked closely with the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints and served as an exorcist in North America and Europe, the Holy See asked me to undertake a catechesis about the Church’s teaching regarding the demonic, spiritual warfare and exorcism. …

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