Catholic Charities Losing Money for Contradicting the Faith, by William Mahoney

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July 31, 2019
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By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant, July 30, 2019

Michael Hichborn explains the heart of the matter

DETROIT ( – The Associated Press recently reported on Catholic charities losing donations in some places because of clergy sex abuse scandals and the border crisis, but The Lepanto Institute’s president painted a bigger picture for understanding the decreasing donations.

The Catholic charities with the most donors, Catholic Relief Services (CRS, the charitable arm of the U.S. bishops’ conference) and Catholic Charities USA, have seen dwindling donations in some areas in recent years.

This depletion in funds can be directly linked to the work of The Lepanto Institute, LifeSiteNews, Church Militant and others.

The Catholic Charities affiliate in San Diego fell from $2.3 million in donations in fiscal year 2018 to under $2.2 million in the just-ended fiscal year, while a further fall is projected for 2020.