Catholic Education & the Modern World: “Be On Your Guard”, by F.X. Cronin

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March 9, 2021
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March 9, 2021

By F.X. Cronin, Catholic Exchange, March 8, 2021

Mr. Cronin has studied on a graduate level in education at Harvard University and at the University of Connecticut, in leadership at Columbia University and in theology at Regent University and Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  …

This article is part of an extended series on the “The Facts of Life” by F. X. Cronin. You can start with part one by clicking here and see previous entries by clicking here.

The Facts of Life Series: Education

In our modern times, formal education is a fact of life, a compulsory reality and an economic essential for all children, adolescents and young adults.  A necessity beyond debate.  As we all know, education in schools and colleges is the primary path for acquiring life’s basic literacy skills and maturing them into functional and sophisticated abilities. It is our major method for knowledge acquisition and vocational and professional preparation.  But, it is all that and much more.

And, that is the problem with modern secular education and the many threats it poses particularly to Catholics.  For any formal education is first and foremost a matter of curriculum, about what is taught and what isn’t, about what is included and what is omitted, about what is emphasized and what is diminished, about what is valued and what is reviled, about what is right and what is wrong.  …

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