(Catholic) Joe Biden: I’d Respond to SCOTUS Overruling Roe v. Wade by Making It ‘the Law of the Land’ (WATCH) by Patrick Goodenough

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October 6, 2020
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October 7, 2020


By Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews, October 6,2020

(CNSNews.com) – Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Monday that if a conservative Supreme Court moved to overrule the Roe v. Wade – the court’s 1973 decision that legalized abortion – he as president would work for legislation making the right to an abortion the law of the land.

During an NBC-hosted town hall in Miami, Florida, a young woman from Orlando said that when she was graduating from high school she knew she wanted to obtain a degree and start a career before starting a family.

“Having access to birth control and safe reproductive healthcare was imperative in making that true for me,” said Cassidy Brown. “So, considering the new Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, what are your particular plans to protect women’s reproductive rights in the U.S.?”  …

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