Catholic Lost on Preeminent Issue, by Nadia Bullock

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October 29, 2022
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By Nadia Bullock, Church Militant, October 28, 2022

Money is ‘greater’ than life



There is a hierarchy of priorities for Catholic voters. Yet a new poll is showing many have their priorities out of whack.

Church Militant’s Nadia Bullock highlights the preeminent issue on the ballots this November.

Tuesday, EWTN released a new poll that asked Catholic likely voters in six battleground states what the most important issue is facing the nation. Overall, 63.1% said the economy. Far behind was abortion at 7.3%. That is almost a nine-fold difference.

Catholics in the six states have plenty to be concerned about in the pro-life category. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2019, Arizona had over 13,000 abortions; Florida, nearly 72,000; Georgia, nearly 37,000; Nevada, more than 8,400; Ohio, over 20,000; and Pennsylvania, about 31,000.

Many bishops and even priests aren’t stressing the issue of abortion.

Bp. Robert McElroy, diocese of San Diego: “It is not Catholic teaching that abortion is the preeminent issue that we face as a world.”

In a 2019 meeting, 143 U.S. bishops voted to define abortion as a “preeminent priority” for a voters’ guide in the 2020 election. Sixty-nine bishops favored Cdl. Blase Cupich’s proposal to downplay the emphasis on abortion. Four abstained.

In 2020, Bp. James Johnston Jr. and Cdl. Raymond Burke, spoke out and named abortion as the preeminent issue for Catholic voters.

The Colorado Catholic Conference did the same thing this month, publishing a 2022 voter guide with the sanctity of life being the number one priority.

Where the hierarchy may fail, it is up to the individual to be steadfast in Christ.

After the sanctity of life, the Colorado Catholic Conference has the issues of marriage and family, religious liberty and then the economy in fourth place for voter priority.

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