Catholic Parishes on the Chopping Block? Don’t Sell Them — Do This Instead …, by John Grondelski

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November 8, 2022
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November 8, 2022

St. Patrick's Church, Cathedral. South Bend, Indiana

COMMENTARY: A project in South Bend, Indiana, illustrates that underused space can be repurposed to assist the Church in its mission today.

John GrondelskiThe hemorrhage of the physical assets of the Catholic Church in the United States goes on unabated. Parish “consolidations” or outright closures continue, often reported in a one-sided and approving way by diocesan press, uncritical of a bishop’s decisions. These sell-offs are often called “responsible stewardship” and even sometimes touted in Orwellian terms as “renewing the local Church” through its managed destruction.

Its defenders and bottom-line types retort, “Well, what else can we do? Look at the numbers!”

Some students at Notre Dame’s School of Architecture may be showing what else can be done through a creative project in South Bend, Indiana. …

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