Catholics at the Midterms, by David G Bonagura, Jr.

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November 8, 2022
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November 8, 2022

*Image: Election Day by Norman Rockwell, 1944 [Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, Iowa]. imengine.public.prod_.cdr_.navigacloud.com_

By David G Bonagura, Jr., The Catholic Thing, Nov. 8, 2022

David G. Bonagura Jr. an adjunct professor at St. Joseph’s Seminary, New York. He is the author of Steadfast in Faith: Catholicism and the Challenges of Secularism and Staying with the Catholic Church: Trusting God’s Plan of Salvation.

For Catholics, every day brings midterms – tests great and small that measure our progress in holiness. Each one prepares us for our final examination that will occur before Christ, our teacher and our judge, on the day of our death.

Many of the midterms we take as Catholics are written by events over which we have little or no control – the people in our families, our offices, our communities, our governments. As believers, we see all these things as products of God’s will for us. He allows each of us to have a unique set of trials – that is, spiritual tests – by which we are to prove ourselves worthy of Him. He always provides us with His divine assistance, but how we respond is up to us. …

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