Catholics: Don’t Cancel Your Friends and Family, by Casey Chalk

Independence Day and Our Legacy of Liberty, by Mark Alexander
June 30, 2022
Homage to a Good Man, by Francis X. Maier
June 30, 2022

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By Casey Chalk, Crisis Magazine, June 29, 2022

Casey Chalk is the author of The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands (Sophia Institute Press) and a senior contributor at The Federalist. He holds a Masters in Theology from Christendom College.


It didn’t take long following the 24 June announcement that the Supreme Court decision had overturned Roe v. Wade for the hysteria to start. It was palpable not only on the streets of the capital but from pro-choice politicians and liberal corporate media. Pro-lifers should steel themselves not only for anger and vitriol but harassment and even, perhaps, the end to relationships with those with whom they disagree. That’s especially likely when pro-choice advocates are accusing the pro-life cause of responsibility for women’s deaths (yes, really). …

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