Catholics in the Crossfire in a Post-Roe World, by Robert B. Greving

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May 9, 2022
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May 9, 2022

[Photo Credit: Archdiocese of Denver]

By Robert B. Greving, Crisis Magazine, May 9, 2022

Robert B. Greving teaches Latin and English grammar at a Maryland high school. Mr. Greving served five years in the U.S. Army J.A.G. Corps following his graduation from the Dickinson School of Law.

The leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court indicates that Roe will be overturned. While this is good news, there are things to consider. The opinion, should it prove the opinion, only overturns the precedence of Roe, which is only right. Roe was a bad decision—yes, it was morally bad, but it was also poorly written, logically inconsistent, and legally problematic. It was so full of holes it made a colander look like a ziplock bag. It sought a result and then made up the means. It has infected our legal culture and view of the Constitution, and it is an open question as to whether we can recover. Alito’s opinion is ironic, in a way, because, despite all those decrying it as the end of choice, the Court is in effect saying, “On the contrary, we are now returning the choice to you.” …

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