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Face of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

By Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent, LifeSiteNews, Dec. 10, 2019

Featured ImagePhotos: Cardinal Burke speaking at the Rome Life Forum in Rome, May 2018.

December 10, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Raymond Burke is backing a France-originated call to prayer and reparation on Dec. 12 for the Pachamama idolatry that took place at the Vatican during the Amazon Synod, saying that “diabolical forces” have entered St. Peter’s Basilica that need to be “vanquished.”

“Something very grave happened during the special assembly of the Bishops’ Synod for the Amazon region. An idol was introduced into St Peter’s Basilica – the figure of a demonic force,” said Cardinal Burke during a short Dec. 8 interview with the French independent TV station, TVLibertés.

“Therefore reparation is necessary and also prayers, so that the diabolical forces that entered with this idol are vanquished by the grace of God, by Christ who wants St Peter’s Basilica to be purified of the sacrilegious act that took place during the Synod,” he added.

In an initiative that originated in France, Catholics are being called to mark the liturgical feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Thursday, December 12, by prayers of love and reparation for the idolatrous parodies of her image in the Vatican Gardens, in the Synod Aula, in the streets of Rome, in the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina near St Peter’s Square and in St Peter’s Basilica itself, at the very heart of Christendom.


Face of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The initiative has been dubbed: “Let’s spiritually throw the Pachamamas into the Tiber,” and has received the support of Alexander Tchugguel, the young Austrian Catholic who actually threw five Pachamamas taken out of Santa Maria in Traspontina into the river during the Amazon Synod.

The call to prayer is simple and can be answered at all levels. It is suggested that Catholics should say five decades of the Rosary and a prayer of reparation on December 12, if possible in a church, a chapel, a sanctuary or a public place, at some time during the day, together with like-minded faithful, or at home if that is not possible, or together with a sick or elderly person in his or her home or hospital room. ….


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