Cdl. Pell: Mission vs. Mismanagement, by Paul Murano

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July 3, 2020
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July 3, 2020

By Paul Murano, Church Militant, July 3, 2020

‘No justification’ for corruption

MELBOURNE, Australia ( – In the wake of Vatican financial scandals, Cdl. George Pell is admonishing the Church for mishandling money in carrying out its mission.

Rome’s Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

Pell, after spending 400 days in prison and being cleared of sexual assault charges by an Australian judge, offers constructive criticism to the Church for its financial irresponsibilities.

His criticism came in the form of a video message delivered on Tuesday at Rome’s Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. In his message addressed to the Global Institute of Church Management, a U.S.-based nonprofit, the cardinal explains why the Church’s spiritual mission is no excuse for bad financial management.  …

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