Changing How You Think About the Family Rosary, by Michele Chronister

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May 3, 2022
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Photo by Christopher Riggs on Unsplash

By Michele Chronister, Catholic Exchange, May 2, 2022

Michele Chronister is a wife, and mother to three little girls and one little one in heaven. She received her BA and MA in theology from the University of Notre Dame (’09 and ’11).  …


“She doesn’t want to pray the rosary with the rest of us. I’m not sure what to do,” a friend recently told me. She expressed a concern that I’ve heard from a lot of parents – how do I get my kids to pray the rosary? What do I do if it’s a fight? What if they can’t focus? What if they keep interrupting the prayers? What if they do all of this and they aren’t a little kid anymore?

Before we solve any of these problems, though, we have to consider two things. First, what is our goal in catechizing our children and helping them develop a devotional life? Secondly, what is the theology behind the rosary and Marian devotion, and how can we put that into practice in our families? …

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