Charlie Butts: Euthanasia Coming for the Kids

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By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, October 2, 2018

Once euthanasia is legalized, opponents of the practice have warned, it’s only a matter of time for it to be expanded to people other than initially intended.

Belgium and the Netherlands were the pioneering countries that legalized doctor-assisted suicide, and little attention has been paid to Colombia and that nation’s Supreme Court, which ruled in 1997 doctors couldn’t be prosecuted for euthanizing a patient.

The same court ruling instructed Congress to develop rules, which it did three years ago, and last year the court said euthanasia had to be extended to children.

Paul Stark of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life finds that objectionable and dangerous.

“The objections to child euthanasia in particular,” he explains, “is that children are immature and that inhibits their ability to make sound decisions and give the kind of consent that you would expect of the patient making a life or death decision.”

Under the policy established by lawmakers, however, children over age 14 don’t require parental consent.