Chastity & Charity: The Shield & Sword of Manhood, by Derek Rotty

Pope Trashes Tradition
August 3, 2022
Cardinal Müller: The German ‘Synodal Way’ Is ‘Over’, by Rudolf Gehrig
August 3, 2022

By Derek Rotty, Catholic Exchange, Aug. 2, 2022

Derek Rotty is a husband, father, historian, theologian, & Director of Evangelization & Discipleship at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Jackson, TN. His first book, A Life of Conversion: Meeting Christ in the Gospels, is available from Our Sunday Visitor Press. Follow his other ruminations at

There is a scene near the middle of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in which Frodo Baggins volunteers to carry the last and most powerful ring to Mt. Doom in order to destroy it. Because he does not know the way, and because he is small of stature, he admits that he will require help. The most powerful moment in that scene is when Aragorn says to Frodo, “If, by my life or by my death, I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.” Really what Aragorn means is that he offers all of himself and his skill in service of the mission.

In our world today, there is a battle for truth, goodness, and beauty.  …

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