CHINESE CATHOLICS BETRAYED: Diocesan Priest Stands with Viganò and Cardinal Zen (Listen), by Michael J. Matt

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March 4, 2020
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March 4, 2020

By  Michael J. Matt, Editor, Remnant TV, March 3, 2020

In this RTV Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father (a diocesan priest) publicly stands with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who has courageously stood with Joseph Cardinal Zen, champion of the persecuted underground Catholics in China, who has resisted the recent Vatican betrayal of Chinese Underground Catholics.

After providing some brief history of the Chinese ‘Catholic’ Patriotic Association–the Communist false Catholic Church in China–Father explains why Cardinal Zen’s courageous stand in defense of our Chinese Catholic brothers and sisters is so important, and thus why the Vatican’s “secret accord” with the Chinese Communists is a stab in the back to so many martyred and persecuted Catholics in China who since 1957 have kept the true Faith underground in China.

Even as the US Congress releases a report that persecution of Catholics in China is at an all-time high since the “secret accord”, Archbishop Viganò writes a powerful letter of solidarity with Cardinal Joseph Zen in opposition to the Vatican, Pope Francis and the great betrayal of the Martyr Church in China.

From his pulpit, Father reads the Viganò letter and then concludes with a powerful expression of support for both princes of the Church.

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