Christianity Isn’t Just Another ‘Lifestyle Choice’, by Auguste Meyrat

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December 7, 2019
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December 7, 2019

By Auguste Meyrat, Crisis Magazine, December 6, 2019

Auguste Meyrat is an English teacher and department chair in north Texas. He has a BA in Arts and Humanities from University of Texas at Dallas and an MA in Humanities from the University of Dallas.

Auguste MeyratAs many believers can attest, Christianity is the ideal program for life. Its moral code empowers the individual and brings order to a society. Its liturgy allows for people of different backgrounds to come together as a real community. Its message of divine charity humbles the proud, lifts the poor, and heals all wounds, while its message of hope enables contentment and peace by overcoming the evils of fear, suffering, and death.

On the whole, Christianity’s blessings greatly outweigh its demands. Even if people do not actually believe its central teachings, they will still profit from at least acting as if they do. They will then have the moral and spiritual tools to conquer the modern crises of loneliness, addiction, and existential despair.

This pragmatic argument for Christianity was recently made in The Federalist by Melissa Langsam Braunstein. Although she is an observant Jew, she nevertheless recognizes the important fact that Christianity, when it is sincerely followed, works. As a practicing Catholic myself, I entirely agree. ….

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