Christine Blasey Ford’s Lies, and the Father of Lies, by John Zmirak

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September 6, 2019
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September 6, 2019

By John Zmirak, The Stream, September 6, 2019

John ZmirakChristine Blasey Ford lied. She’d played a coy game behind the scenes, advised by Soros lawyer Debra Katz. They worked with Senator Feinstein hoping to force Brett Kavanaugh or President Trump to back down and withdraw Kavanaugh’s name in disgrace, his good name destroyed based on anonymous whispers of an unproven sex assault.

When that failed, Ford sat down for days of rigorous coaching like a presidential contender before a debate. Or an actor before a Broadway debut. Then went before the U.S. Senate and the world and on cue lied under oath. She knew she would never face consequences for perjury, not in a world where Hillary Clinton skated for wiping evidence. In fact, Ford raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars via GoFundMe. Mark Judge tried to gather some cash to rebuild his shattered life. The Southern Poverty Law Center sued to close down the crowd-funding site he was using. And closed it remains.

Ford and her team of high-priced manipulators did all this in the effort to destroy two innocent men, Brett Kavanaugh and the drive-by victim Mark Judge. Judge’s drunken memoirs provided the script for the made-up story of Kavanaugh’s alleged assault. So Judge had to be roped in. What’s one more white male Republican casualty? If you want to break some eggs, you must claim to be making an omelet. Or something like that. ….