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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Sending Migrants to NYC; White House Says It’s Costing Texans $1.5 Millon, by Melanie Arter
August 8, 2022
On Not Losing Heart, by Robert Royal
August 8, 2022

By Church Militant, August 8, 2022


With the flood of news and information that happens every single day, we here at Church Militant consider it our duty and responsibility to sift through that information and present it all in the most authentically Catholic manner possible. That often means looking into dark places and telling stories that many folks don’t like hearing. But the truth must always come out. We produce these programs and reports with a level of refinement and source vetting unparalleled in the world of Catholic media and, in many circumstances, the Luciferian media as well.

For example, in a Special Assignment that we spent months working on — a report we called “Den of Thieves” — we began the Herculean task of trying to unravel the ongoing financial scandals at the Vatican bank and the relationship of Vatican secretary of state Cdl. Pietro Parolin to a money-laundering scheme stretching across the globe. …

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