Church Militant: McCarrick Bombshell

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July 20, 2020
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July 21, 2020

It’s so much deeper than anyone knows.

By Church Militant, July 20, 2020



While the world has been waiting on Pope Francis and his crooked cabinet to release the report on the evil empire and clerical accomplices of homopredator and former cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, another much more quiet route to the truth has been quietly moving along out of the public eye.

James Grein — the premier victim, so to speak — is suing McCarrick, the archdiocese of New York, the diocese of Metuchen and the archdiocese of Newark. He’s able to file these suits because both New York and New Jersey lifted their statutes of limitations last year.

Part of each of these lawsuits entails Theodore McCarrick actually being deposed by Grein attorney Mitchell Garabedian. Garabedian is the noted attorney from the original homopredator scandal cases dating back to Boston in 2002. Specifically, regarding the long-anticipated McCarrick report from Rome, Grein has been told by Pope Francis’ attorney that it’s not only done, but has been for a while.

One of the startling revelations —and a fact that brings into serious question the validity of the final report (if it’s ever released) — is that James Grein, the main victim of McCarrick for years, was never interviewed during its preparation. Not once.  …