CNA: Cardinal Sarah: Claim That Pope Benedict XVI Did Not Co-Author Book is ‘Defamation’

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January 14, 2020
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January 15, 2020

Cardinal Robert Sarah.

The cardinal’s words are in response to a Vatican correspondent claiming on social media that “a source” close to Pope Benedict XVI had told her that the pope emeritus did not write the book with Sarah, or give authorization for its publication.

By Catholic News Agency, 1/13/20

VATICAN CITY — Cardinal Robert Sarah said Monday that claims Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did not co-author with him a new book on priestly celibacy are “defamations of exceptional gravity.”

The publisher of the book told CNA that critics suggesting that the pope emeritus did not co-author the book, or authorize its publication, are wrong.

“Are these people really implying that Cardinal Sarah is involved in a conspiracy to distort the truth?” Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio,  editor-in-chief of Ignatius Press, asked Jan. 13.

“If Cardinal Sarah is telling [Ignatius Press] that the chapters from Pope Benedict are from Pope Benedict, we take his word for it,” Father Fessio said, adding that the publisher stands by its attribution of the book to both Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict.

The priest’s comments were a response to a tweet from Eva Fernandez, Vatican correspondent for COPE Radio, a radio station owned by the Spanish bishops’ conference. ….