CNA: Cardinal Sarah: ‘We Must Return to the Eucharist’

Our Bishops Can’t Handle the Truth, by Deal Hudson
September 14, 2020
If Progressive Christians Were Right, the Gospel Would Be a Cancer, by John Zmirak
September 15, 2020

Cardinal Robert Sarah meets with Pope Benedict XVI on March 11, 2011 in Vatican City. (photo: Vatican Media / VM)

Cardinal Sarah’s letter made some concrete suggestions for the resumption of Mass amid the coronavirus pandemic, which is expected to continue to spread in the United States in the fall and winter months, with some models predicting a doubling of the death count by the end of 2020.

VATICAN CITY — In a letter to the leaders of the world’s episcopal conferences, the head of the Vatican’s office for worship and sacraments said that Catholic communities should return to Mass as soon as it can be done safely, and that the Christian life cannot be sustained without the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Christian community of the Church.

The letter, sent to bishops this week, said that, while the Church should cooperate with civic authorities and be attentive to safety protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic, “liturgical norms are not matters on which civil authorities can legislate, but only the competent ecclesiastical authorities.” It also emphasized that bishops can make provisional changes to liturgical rubrics in order to accommodate public health concerns, and urged obedience to those temporary changes.  …

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