COMMENTARY: DEI Has Failed; We Do Not Need More of It, by Jonathan Butcher

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April 24, 2023
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April 24, 2023


By Jonathan Butcher, Heritage Foundation, Jan 20 2023

Jonathan is the Will Skillman Senior Research Fellow in Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation.


DEI offices accomplish little more than producing a lot of bureaucratic sound and fury on the taxpayers’ dime.

The racial problems in schools remain “astronomical,” according to federal officials. So why do they think we need more of the same DEI?

They should opt for something different—say, lessons on the shared American values of equality under the law, freedom and opportunity.

School districts across the country have established diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offices to reduce discrimination, and the Department of Education regularly touts the value of DEI programs to quell bias.

Yet nationwide, school officials reported a “record number” of discrimination complaints last year. …

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