n 2016, Donald Trump, running alongside a Catholic turned Evangelical in Mike Pence, scooped up a majority of the Catholic vote. Hillary Clinton had added to her ticket nominally Catholic Tim Kaine, but that didn’t stop white Catholics from gravitating to Trump. Presumed opponent Joe Biden faces a similar problem. Trump remains popular with Mass-going white Catholics, who not only appreciate his strong stances in favor of religious freedom and a pro-life judiciary but also recognize that he has delivered to the country three-plus years of peace and prosperity.

Biden, who has followed his party into pro-abortion zealotry (he now supports forcing taxpayers to pay for it and supports partial-birth abortion), may appeal to bad Catholics, but he offers nothing to good ones. Most Mass-going Catholics can see that his “I am a Catholic from Scranton” schtick is bogus. Scranton Joe has become more like Hollywood Joe, serving as an officiant at gay weddings. Recall that he favored gay marriage before Obama did. So much for his “moderation.”

Biden’s Catholic problem was on display at the March for Life last Friday, as Catholics condemned him and lauded Trump, whose presence at it marked a presidential first. That gesture will endear Trump to millions of Catholics. Indeed, Trump, speaking of the “holy” image of unborn babies, sounded more Catholic than do the waffling U.S. bishops, whose pro-life pronouncements are always diluted by extraneous issues. ….

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