COMMENTARY: What Every Catholic Should Really Know About Brain Death, Bishop Michael F. Olson and Jason T. Eberl,

The Impossibility of Christian Transhumanism, by Wesley J. Smith
March 29, 2022
Hope and Dying, by Stephen P. White
March 29, 2022


COMMENTARY: It is vitally important for scholars to continue deliberating the validity of the neurological criterion to inform the Catholic magisterium’s discernment of whether what they learn of brain death continues to cohere with the Church’s traditional understanding of the nature of the human person.

The recent period of the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated a culture of fear and suspicion regarding health care and the necessary trust inherent in the covenantal relationship between patients and their physicians. The seeds of this suspicion had been planted, especially for Catholics, by such aspects of U.S. medicine as “for-profit” health care and the involvement of physicians in such gravely immoral actions as sterilizations, abortions and assisted suicide.

Adding to this situation is the highly technological character of contemporary medicine that raises questions concerning whether some interventions are assisting or replacing human actions. …

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