Communism is a Religion Made for Atheists, by Angelo Stagnaro

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February 27, 2020
Escape From the Flames, by Phil Lawler
February 27, 2020


The horrors perpetrated upon humanity by atheists are unparalleled.

By Angelo Stagnaro, EWTN News, 2/26/20

It seems to have become fashionable again to believe that communism, of all things, is the answer to all of man’s woes.

It is also common, in these circles, to insist that the excessive evils perpetrated by atheists in the 20th century was not caused by “true communists.” This is stale, rehashed and warmed-over “No True Scotsman” fallacy. (Argumentum ad nullum Caledonium verum)

But if pseudo-proto-communism is as deadly as it’s proven to be, I’d truly hate to see what “real communism” could muster. Thus far, communist atheists have killed 152.5 million people in a vain, constant hope of producing an atheistic utopia. Good intentions might pave the Road to Perdition but dead bodies line the Path to Atheist “Utopia.” ….

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